Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simple and Affordable Solutions for a Few of the Hardest Items to Stay Organized! Including a Sheet Fold Tutorial

Tupperware lids, buttons and batteries, sheets, bags...the one thing they have in common? How they can easily drive us nuts in terms of trying to keep them organized in our homes. I have put together just for you some simple organizing solutions to conquer these items and whip your closets and drawers into shape. At times its as simple as incorporating new ideas and getting a little creative! Links to where you can find some of the affordable and functional finds are included!

  • Organizing Tupperware Lids, 2 Simple Solutions 

1. Utilize plastic napkin holders for lids, separating by size. 

2. Use a lid organizer like this one from The Container Store .A quick solution and does not take up space!

  • Organizing paper bags 

Magazine holders can double as a paper bag holder. Easily stores under sinks, in cabinets and in your trunk!  

  • Organizing small items such as batteries, pins, paper clips and buttons solved!

Small bins, like these from The Dollar Tree, are perfect for getting hard to find small pieces in order. 

  • Sheet fold tutorial to keep your sheets from becoming a jumbled mess! Use a flat surface for best results. I used a queen set, but follow the same rules for any size. 

The Pillowcase 

Fold in half as shown above and below


Next up- The flat sheet

Fold in half three times being sure to have all edges meeting eachother

Fold into thirds 

Completed flat sheet

Folding your fitted sheet up next!

 Bring corners in on bottom and top and then bring together folding into thirds

 Completed flat sheet 

 Add all sheets into the pillowcase

Completed and ready to put away! 

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