Saturday, December 22, 2012

10 Truths About Getting and Staying Organized

Before I started my business Organized for Life I only knew what being organized meant to me, but I wanted to know what it meant to others. Turns out it means a number of things and having the opportunity to help others achieve it has been the best part of 2012 for me. Most importantly I have learned the truth about its positive impact when it is maintained. Here's 10 truths about getting and staying organized. Remember, maintenance is key!

1. You will need to do it your whole life. No buts about it, organization will be a major part of your life if you choose to embrace it and take it on. Whether its your home or place of employment the need for organization is always there. 

2. It must be handled in baby steps. It can easily become an overwhelming task if you are looking at an unorganized area as a whole, with the thought that it's all too much to handle. Breaking down the process into steps will allow some flow to the project. Becoming overwhelmed is only a mental block to becoming organized. Take it in baby steps, if you feel overwhelmed take a break, and you will be thrilled at your progress. 

3. Purging is a must. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good purging of your non-used items. We all have a tendency to assume we do not have enough space in our homes to accommodate what we own. Reverse the thinking! Only purchase enough to be able to accommodate the space. Purging is the first step to open up the space. Starting with the essentials will get you on your way to becoming organized. 

4. You will not miss the tangible items you have let go of, memories do not lie in the object but rather in your mind. As I sit here and write this for the last ten weeks I have donated or tossed something every week. I cannot even tell you what most of the items were. But I can tell you this- they were things hidden in the closet, buried in the basement and put away with no purpose other than to collect space. I do not miss them.  

5. Utilize the space in your home effectively. Organize items in your home based on usage. For instance kitchen items used once a year for a holiday should be stored on higher shelves. Also important to utilize the nooks and crannies in your home for storage, look for areas where you can install hooks or shelving.

6. Organization systems do not have to be expensive/Get creative. I'm sure you have heard of the Dollar Tree, everything is $1? They have some pretty fantastic storage options such as bins, over the door shoe racks, space saving hangers...the list goes on. Getting creative with what you already have is important as well. Cereal and shoe boxes work wonders when they double as storage! 

7. Always use labels. Labels give items an identity. They let others in your home know where a specific item should be placed. Use them whenever and wherever you can to maintain organization. 

8. Organize based on your family's needs. Every home is different. Different routines, schedules and size. What works for your family in terms of organization may differ from your neighbors. Make it functional for the way you live. Some homes may need toy storage in the living room while others may have more paper clutter issues. Gaining wisdom from magazines and websites is great but be sure it works for your home. 

9. Getting your family involved is important. Have them help, show them your hard work and progress, hold a family meeting. Whatever you can do to get your family involved with helping to organize will benefit your home. It is a group effort to maintain organization. Teach them where things belong, go over the areas of your home that have systems in place. Hold everyone accountable for the maintenance!

10. Live by the one in one out rule. Went shopping for another pair of black heels? If you have 4 other pairs sitting in the closet decide to donate or toss one. Slowly adding to the equation without taking away can cause clutter which then morphs into a disorganized mess. Same goes for toys, kitchen gadgets and other items in your home that do not need duplication without getting rid of something.

The benefits of becoming organized FAR outweigh the time you will spend doing it. You will find things easier thus creating more time in your life for things you enjoy doing. You will feel relaxed walking into your home, that relaxation will follow you throughout the rest of the day and night. Similar to exercising you will feel motivated to continue to maintain organization because the mental benefits are so fantastic. 

Get the picture? Organization is possible for you, your family and you deserve to have it in your life! Hoping you all find organization within your homes and lives in the New Year!

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Thank you Connie! So happy you enjoyed the content, and a very big thanks for checking out the blog :) Happy organizing

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