Monday, December 10, 2012

New Year's Resolutions & Making Your Goals Count in 2013

New Years resolutions. They are filled with ideas and hopes for the things that you'd like to do differently in the New Year. They consist of eating healthier, exercising more often, getting organized or may be even taking more time for yourself. But what is really lurking in those resolutions? They are commitments you are making to yourself, or possibly others, to improve on your current lifestyle. To make changes in the areas of your life you feel may be lacking. According to an article from on New Year's resolutions, 45% of us make resolutions every year and 49% within that group do not follow through. So how can you make these promises to yourself more effective? Here's some ways to get started.

  • Reflect on 2012 and make a list of the areas in your life that you feel need improving. Be honest with yourself about how you can realistically approach the situations. Starting off with small steps will gradually turn into big steps. Think simple and positive. Goals that will allow for personal growth and that are achievable you are more than likely to stick with. 
  • Once you are done writing up your list, read it over and get specific. You want results and you want to build motivation for yourself. For instance if cleaning out the garage is on the list, this may take weeks. Brainstorm the steps involved to achieve the goal. Instead of "clean out the garage", maybe instead say "I will not accumulate more clutter in the garage and take the time to organize it over a two month period." Seems completely realistic and by setting a time limit you have challenged yourself to complete it. 
  • Always finish what you started. If you're planning on exercising more often this is an on going challenge and motivator. However if you are listing projects to accomplish within your goals, always complete one before moving on to the next. Staying focused is key!
  • Keep a progress report. Seeing how far you've come is one of the best ways to stay motivated. My clients love looking at before and after photos. It really resonates with them how they have improved in a certain area. When you work hard at achieving any goal in life you want to keep yourself on that path to achievement. Write down your progress, take photos and document your feelings about it. Being full digested in a goal you have set is a surefire way to see the results you are looking for!
Don't be afraid to reward yourself when you completed a goal that is important to you. I sincerely hope any goals you set for yourself in the New Year are achieved and allow you to feel even better about yourself! 


I like to be even more specific, i.e. Week 1 - remove all hazardous waste and take it to the facility, Week 2 - organize tools and sports equipment by season, etc. Then you know exactly what to do at any given moment and don't think "Oh I have two months to do it, so I don't have to start just yet."

So true! Breaking it up into assigned tasks is great for focus and seeing that light at the end of the tunnel :)

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