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Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway Announcement and Ways to Enter!

It's time for a giveaway! First here's a little info into my first giveaway prize. In my recent Monday Morning Organization Inspiration video, if you missed it you can watch it below, I talked about ditching those to do lists and replacing them with some good positive intentions to start your day. Sticking to a regimented schedule can sometimes cause more stress, as we are trying so hard to stick to our daily to do lists. By simply stating your intention for the day you are opening it up to what you plan on accomplishing as well as going with the flow as your day begins to unfold. Make it positive, share it and acknowledge it. The power of intention is realistic and helps us point ourselves in the right direction as our daily lives can sometimes become chaotic. 

I'm giving away this bright colored clip board with a note pad and pen to write down your daily intentions, or you can always use it for your grocery list! Once the pages are gone you will have the clipboard to hold notes, appointments or menu plans. The spring colors are my favorite part of this giveaway item!
Also included in the giveaway is a 4 tier clip hanger for skirts, pants, even socks or tights! A must for a tidy closet. Make some space in your closet, help to organize it and prevent items from slipping! 

Here's how to enter ~

Share this blog post giveaway with friends on your Facebook page and leave a comment right here on my blog, or on the Organized for Life FB page letting me know you shared it! The winner will be chosen at random on Monday March 4th in the a.m. Good luck! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tween Room Decorating on a Budget!

By far the most fun and creative project in our home, transforming Jenna's room from little girl to tween! When we moved into our home my stepdaughter Jenna was 7 years old. Her room was filled with lots of purple and pink polka dots on the walls and a Hannah Montana bed set. Her kitchen set and doll house were displayed and there were a mountain of toys and coloring books in bins inside her closet. Fast forward 5 years later and at 12 things have changed. She's still fun loving and has an extraordinary imagination, but just as Hannah Montana has left the building so have Jenna's coloring books. She plays the guitar and loves music. She's drawn to themes of Paris, peace signs and butterflies. Her crayons have been replaced with lip gloss. Her desk is now for studying and of course still some doodling! I am a big believer in incorporating what you love into a space. It allows for personal growth and inspires you. Our spaces can transform and mature as we do but one thing should never change and that is adding your own creativity and touches of what you love. Here's some pictures of her new room with of course lots of organization as well as creativity. The whole project came in under $150, so switching up a space does not have to cost a fortune!

Creating a desk space in her closet was simple! After we purged through old clothing  and removed the toys we were left with an empty space to create this nook! We used a desk we already owned and then added in the details. The picture boxes within the shelving on her desk I found at Michael's for $1 a piece to hold her photos, pens and pencils. The wall decals and curtain I picked up at Target for under $20! The bins on the top shelf are filled with arts and crafts supplies. 

My favorite part of the room! Contact paper added some depth and fun to this otherwise boring bookshelf. The bins were found at the Dollar Store and we used the remaining decals from her closet to give them some character. Jenna picked out the finishing touches on the book shelf and wall from Hobby Lobby, and created her own memory cork board with her favorite photos. 

We were going for a daybed look so we removed the headboard, added a cozy comforter and lots of pillows! The details we added in from the song note mural to quotations on the wall all emphasize the theme of the room. These were found at Target and Hobby Lobby, all coming under $20!

It's always in the details! Contact paper added some life to the bedside table and we couldn't pass up this trash can! It's filled with butterflies to accent the wall decor. 

The ceiling to floor wall accent we came across at the Container Store for $9.99, this tied into the room so well! While in some cases custom framing may be needed, getting the same look is simple. We framed the Beatles picture with a poster frame picked up at Walmart. 

Added a little edge to this mirror with a skull and cross bones decal!

Before and after! Who needs a new tv stand? Easily switched this one up by removing the doors and adding some contact paper! Her gaming  items are stored neatly in the bins and easy to put back! 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Measuring Success with Sincerity

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it." ~ Maya Angelou

Success is derived from the meaning "accomplishment of desired end." So what is that desired end and how is it measured? Maybe the idea that once you get that promotion you will have more money, acquire more material things and in turn be seen as successful. Or once you land that client you will have truly achieved success, can afford to take greater risks and buy that larger home. These examples seem superficial however they are ideals and thoughts that from time to time we place on ourselves in an effort to measure our accomplishments on a grander scale. They support the idea that success is measured in terms of the material things we can collect once we achieve success. The accumulation of possessions and material wealth. So what if we put aside for a moment that the idea of achieving success doesnt lie in the ability to have an abundance of things but rather the abundance of moments? That being successful is going after what you truly enjoy in life. Abundance thrives in those that are living in their truth, and being honest about what they love. Success is then measured by what we have accomplished in terms of the sincerity in our means to achieve it.  

Quality over Quantity
The quality of our relationships and the measure and quality of our character. Shifting your intentions of desired success over to the ideals that are consistent with acquiring healthy relationships or giving back to the community. Realizing that material things do not define you, they can come and go but your character and intentions remains. True success then becomes measured in the moments that define you and your gifts you've decided to show the world. 

I believe we all desire success, it is inherent in human nature. I also believe we all have the desire to do what we love. To show the world we have a gift. Having the determination, courage and drive to share your gift with the world will measure how successful you are. Decide to let go of false beliefs that the materialistic things you have acquired is measuring your success. Once you realize that the foundation and intentions to which you built your success are most important you will truly have achieved it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Creative Storage and Adding Tranquility to your Bathroom

My latest storage solution for my bathroom is complete! Lacking a linen closet and limited draw space prompted me to get a bit creative. By utilizing a dresser to store towels and toiletries I was able to solve this storage dilemma, as well as add some character and calm to the space. My bathroom is a bit narrow so having the dresser positioned across from the sink, to avoid crowding up floor space, was the best place for it. I am loving the function it brought to the bathroom as well as the fresh new look! The details, from my decor choices to the organizing ideas, are below!

I have a subtle beach themed bathroom and filled up a glass vase with some seashells and baby blue colored marbles for added decor. The yellow and white faux flowers in the vase brightened up the space as well. Adding candles for a soothing scent and calming effect is a must in a bathroom! 

I love these wicker storage baskets from Pier One! Hand towels are now easily accessible on top of the dresser. Just a little hint, rolling hand towels as a folding option is a great way to optimize space, add some visual impact and avoids a stack pile-up!

The top drawer is home to some of my everyday essentials from lotion and hair products to my jewelry cleaner and make-up remover. The individual plastic draw organizers with handles, as well the basket, separate the essentials. Draw organizers are an easy solution for separating like items in a bathroom to find items easily and will save you time! 

My towels are stored in the lower drawers. By using the tri-fold method I am able to store 6 towels to a draw! For instructions on the best method to folding your towels check out this link!

 Always be mindful of the fact that the bathroom is one of the best spaces in your home to invite organization as well as tranquility. Hoping this idea has inspired you to incorporate these simple solutions into your bathroom and throughout your home!
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