Thanks for visiting! My name is Lauren Silveira and I reside in Providence Rhode Island with my husband Kevin and beautiful step daughter. I joined the blogging world for one very simple reason, I am in love with organization and love to share! From a very early age I was always drawn to creativity through writing and had a very elaborate imagination. My room was always tidy and organized, and those characteristics have followed me throughout my life. I truly enjoy being creative when it comes to organizing and my blog Organized for Life is the perfect way for me to spread my message of organization, creativity and simplicity. By sharing ideas and projects I have done in my own home, as well as for others, the Organized for Life blog is meant to explore all areas of organization beginning at home and spreading into your lives!

After many years in the retail world and in account management positions I felt the need to embrace my true self and started my business Organized for Life in March of 2012. This journey so far has been truly remarkable. Being able to help others work through the clutter and find peace of mind through organization is my mission. The ability to build those projects into my blog and share them is a dream come true. I am certainly a busy bee with a full time job, building and branding my business and making time for family and friends, but I would not have it any other way! I am dedicated to living in my truth and spreading a message of simplicity.

I hope you find Organized for Life's content interesting, informative and inspiring! Happy Organizing!


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