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The Great Toy Challenge

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A Closet Transformed

This closet project was a great opportunity for the client to get rid of things she hasn't worn including shoes, clothing and bags!

Bathroom Closet Organization Tips

Just as any closet in your home can become cluttered up quickly your bathroom closets can certainly do the same.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bathroom Closet Organization Tips

Just as any closet in your home can become cluttered up quickly your bathroom closets can certainly do the same. My organizing mantra is to always take stock on what you have and purge any items you no longer need. That goes for the bathroom too! You'd be surprised on what you can find in your linen closets that you can rid yourself of. Old blankets and sheets that could be donated. Expired medications and beauty products. Even older hair brushes. Take some time to sort through what can stay and what can go to create a bathroom closet that is functional and organized!

Once you have decided the keepers here are some tips on keeping it organized so that the sorting chore is a chore you will only have to do once! 

  • Place all like items together in groups. Hair products, lotions, medicine, etc. Always be certain expired medications have hit the road, as well as an older make-up or hair products. Great article here on how to determine the shelf life of your beauty products. 
  • Place each category in bins and label. No more searching through a sea of items to find whats needed.
  • Be sure your bins are within reach on the shelf and items you need daily are within arms length. Anything you may not want easily accessible to your children should be stored higher. 
  • Re-fold linens to create more space and place sheet sets within pillowcases. This keeps like sets together and opens up room in the closet. Great tutorial here on towel folds!
  • Utilize baskets for larger items, or even to hold any of your children's bath time toys. Make a trip to the dollar store to find colorful and inexpensive ways to organize. 

This bin, stored in a child's bathroom, contains first aid items and medicine for the little ones. Have some fun with labels and encourage your children to place items back in their designated spots!

Diapers, baby wash and teeth care stored in bins and labeled
Sorted and labeled by medicine type
Dollar store bins for items bought in bulk or even toys for the tub! 

For even more bathroom organizing tips check out the link below! 

Comments and questions are always welcome! 

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Creative Spaces Designed for You

We all need a space where we can relax, curl up with a book and feel completely at ease in our environment. Whether that space be in your living room, bedroom or even on the front porch consider the possibilities of creating an area just for you. By incorporating your favorite colors, quotes or even just a beautiful plant this can help to project positive energy. Always keep in mind that clutter in any room will drain your energy, and hinder your best intentions. By taking the time each day to be sure the favorite areas of your home are free from clutter, and incorporated with some of your favorite elements, you will feel recharged and enthusiastic. I'm inviting all of you into my home office where I can read, blog and feel creative. Here are the key elements I worked into the space to keep productivity, good energy and creativity flowing. 

                         Some of my favorite quotes displayed throughout the room

Always thinking budget friendly I used an older kitchen table we had in the basement as my desk space. Considering there are no drawers I added the storage cubes on the desk so that items such as pens and sticky notes were located close by. A chair would be a bit too crowded in the space so I placed the black storage units under the desk. These function as storage, a seat and a foot rest! My printer and paper is seated right beside me. I placed the desk farthest from the the door with most of the room visible, a powerful element in Feng Shui design.The desk is clutter free with cords hidden. The bright yellow decorative plant adds some softness to the desk area, and the natural light from the window helps me feel recharged.

I love to look through magazines for inspiration and ideas. I keep each one for three months tops before it hits the recycle bin. Any articles I find that I'd like to keep I place in a folder. These are located right next to my magazines placed in fun and colorful patterns. I love to keep books for as long as I can however I believe there is nothing better than passing on a few good books. While putting together the book shelf I was able to donate some to the local library, and my personal favorites remain on display.

Feel free to comment, share ideas and send feedback!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Quick Steps to Maintaining a Clean Kid's Room!

I'm sure it's every mother's dream to find that the toys are always neatly stacked away. That the adorable little t-shirts and dresses are never crinkled up on the floor and placed correctly in the closet. That every sock has found it's mate. What makes our children so special and amazing however is there vivid imaginations that will take them on fantastic journeys in their rooms. A little girl's love for playing dress up and making sure her dolls look just as fabulous as she does! Then there are the oh so many toys that come with very teeny, tiny pieces. The result of this magical world that children live in can create, well a mess. So where to begin? In my recent projects organizing children's rooms I thought my top 5 tools for creating and maintaining organization might help you get started!

Utilize draw separators and bins! Items will stay divided and organized, and for an added bonus place stickers on each divider of which items are to be placed there. A picture of a shirt, hat or socks will help them to learn some great organizational skills. 

By simply using hanging labels and a shower ring you can create zones within your child's closet to designate clothing areas. Having the items sized within their category is a great way to keep track of which items your child may have grown out of.

Double hang for extra closet space! 

An over the door hanging shoe rack is the perfect way to keep shoes together and you can create bins for hats, mittens and scarves. 

Keep books in a basket or bin easily within your child's reach, this way they can choose which ones they'd like to look at and when placing back in the bin there's no mess! 

Quick, easy solutions to help bring function and organization in your child's bedroom!


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