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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Room for Two! Organizing Your Child's Bedroom

A child's bedroom can sometimes be one of the biggest organizational challenges in your home. Your kids will eventually grow out of the clothes they are in, but you may want to keep some hand me downs for the next child. They have toys that they don't play with but if you throw it away they will be looking for it the next day. When their room is clean it might look like it went through a wind tunnel by days end. I think you get the picture... so where to start?
 I recently organized a child's bedroom for a client that has one adorable little boy and another baby girl on the way! The objective was to make the room work for both children, being sure there was enough draw space and closet space. With some cleaning, purging and tossing the room came together perfectly with lots of room to spare for the baby girl! Take a walk through the before and afters below.

Closet before photos include all of the clothing which was taking up the length of the closet hanging bar as well as misc items on the floor and the top shelf. 

 After! By utilizing a double hang bar, above, we were able to maximize the space!

Clutter was removed which added additional space for clothing and large toys. Snow suits, boots and winter items were placed in bins labeled winter and put in the basement for storage. With the added shelf space in the closet after cleaning it some off season clothing went into a labeled bin, as well as some toys that big brother has grown out of but his baby sister may like!

Using a shower ring, free size detail printables and some glue I created these "organize by size" separators. 

Bookshelf before!

Bookshelf after! Bins were added to store books by category, add some color and keep the books the tidy.

Book shelf turned arts and crafts station. Crayons are stored in these $1 bins for easy reach. Paint brushes, pencils and erasers could work as well!

Before photos of the draw space.

After! Draw separators work wonders in any draw space. These were added to separate his and hers bibs and hats. 

All bottoms were added to his draw using a triple fold to maximize space. Denim is together, khakis and casual pants. Don't forget to organize by size!

 We were able to clear out three drawers to make space for the baby girl by storing that off season clothing in bins, here is a photo of a draw space created just for her.

The changing station was re-worked to include all powders, lotions etc together and within easy reach. Baskets were added to the shelves and the diaper bag is close by!

Changing table cupboard space for his and hers diapers  

Blankets and sheets in changing table draw space.

Clutter free changing table and bureau with plenty of room for more clothing! This children's bedroom now has -

Extra storage in the closet and drawers.

A system in place for sizing clothing and storing off season items.

Room for the new baby girl!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beer Bottles for Bangles You Say? Fun Closet Projects!

This was such a fun project I put together for my jewelry! My favorite organizing venture within my home so far. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that it involved jewelry ;) With my little helper Jenna (moms take note this was a fun arts and crafts project!) it came together.

 Having your costume jewelry in sight, and in reach, is a great way to see what you have and choose what you need as you are putting together your outfits. Simple, fun and very budget friendly- I'll walk you through the items I used and then the finished product!

Here's the list-
$1 QC Contact Paper from the Dollar Tree! They had lots to choose from
Push Pins, $1 at the Dollar Tree!
Empty beer or soda bottles 

A cork board of your choice

Cut the contact paper so that it fits over the cork board. I traced the edges and then cut from there for a better fit. 

 Take the push pins and jewelry and get started placing them on the board. Grab the empty bottles and place bangles over the stem to stack them up! Viola! You have yourself a jewelry board and a beer bottle (or soda) bangle tree.

Bangles, necks and larger bracelets
Added the contact paper around the stem just for fun

Beer bottle with bangles! 

By choosing whichever size cork board you like you have the freedom to create any size jewelry board you want. I chose some of my favorite bangles and necklaces that I wear everyday, again having them within reach allows for less time looking for things when you are heading out the door! 


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