Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Closet Transformed

This closet project was a great opportunity for the client to get rid of things she hasn't worn including shoes, clothing and bags! We started with three bags- one for items to give to charity, one intended for re-sale shops and the other for the trash.  The game plan was if she hadn't worn it in over a year out it went!  Once we sorted through what was staying I made sure we had enough bins for storage and a plan as to how the closet would flow. Although not everyone has this much closet space it is always best to organize your clothing by season, and remember to keep shoes, accessories and bags together.  If your space doesn't allow you to store all of your clothing in one closet just use bins labeled summer or winter to keep the clutter to a minimum!  Take a look at the before and after photos below to see how this closet transformed into a perfectly organized space.


Shoes are stores according to season and the bins we used are great for all heel heights and flats.  Boots are stored on the shelving, I suggest laying down contact paper so that anything on the bottom of the boots doesn't fall onto the floor.  This is easy to clean and a more sanitary solution!

I created an accessory corner in this area of the closet by using inexpensive hooks that have adhesive on the back.  These are great because they easily peel on and off and dont ruin the walls (also recommend for hanging pictures). I placed smaller bags here and removed the belts from  the floor and placed them in a clear plastic bin! The blue container wasn't being utilized so remaining jewelry was placed inside.  I recommended hanging a small mirror in this section of the closet to add to the space.  

The great thing about this closet is that everything is in now in reach.  We also tackled the bedroom's dresser and placed items such as pajamas, t-shirts and shorts in the drawers.  Although this seemed as if it was an overwhelming task for the client the end result was a well organized space and peace of mind. 


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