Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Back to School Ready! There's Something About Autumn...

I've always wondered if seasons can sense our excitement, anticipation or reluctance as they begin to creep up on us. For New Englanders we welcome summer with open arms. After bitter cold winters and a spring that only seems to last about a month summer is that breath of fresh air that makes its way into our homes with welcoming smiles. There is however something about Autumn. Maybe its the slight chill in the air at night, or the warm and vibrant colors that begin to line our streets as the trees respond to the changing season. Warm apple pie and carved pumpkins on door steps, all the signals of Autumn's arrival. Another sure sign is our childrens return to school. Time for backpacks, lunch boxes and new shoes. As we begin a new season we should be sure we are ready for our new routines. Mother Nature eases into Fall effortlessly so taking her cue here are a few tips to make your household embrace the new season and be Fall ready and organized!

Organizing Your Schedule Change

  • Have a morning routine before your kids head back to school to help them out with the new wake up call. The better prepared they are in advance to start the school day the more smooth the morning routine will go.  Less tears and more smiles!
  • Pack lunches at night if you can and leave backpacks by the door. Always a time saver in the a.m.
Back to School To Do's
  • Kids are growing faster than the season change! Toss the items they won't be wearing, donate or re-sell, and make your list of the clothing items they will need before hitting the stores. Don't forget to research sales and print out coupons before heading out. Teachers sometimes have additional school supplies that they will require your kids to have, but always grab the basics. Pack them right away in your child's backpack so that they don't leave home without them!
Calendar Central
  • New school year means new after school activities, play dates and sports. Create a designated area in your home to display a calendar that lists daily activities for the month. The kitchen seems to get the most foot traffic so a dry erase board on your fridge is a great spot. Get your kids involved by having them go over the calendar with you, maybe adding different stickers for certain activities.

 Check out this link to some fabulous back to school organizing supplies for ages k-8 via

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