Sunday, November 6, 2011

Control that Clutter!

We've all had those weeks. By Friday our mail is stacked up to the high heavens on our kitchen counters, the kids toys have become unintentional decor in every room and our closets have now become the floor. If you can't seem to catch it before it begins over time the weeks turn into months and the result is a cluttered homestead. One of the first things people will say is "I just can't find the time to keep up with it". That should be your Aha! moment. Can't find the time, so now time has decided to interfere with your day by making you spend most of it cleaning! Not a healthy relationship. Another downside is the toll clutter can take on our mental well being. Not being able to locate items in your home can be exhausting and frustrating, a not so healthy feeling. Where to begin?  Read on for some thoughts on how to best manage your everyday items that can cause clutter- paper clutter, clothing clutter and your child's toys.

~ A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place ~

Mail, Magazines and Documents

Your mail needs a home, and the counter isn't one of them. The minute you retrieve your mail toss it if you don't need it and designate a place for the remaining. Strongly suggested is a mail file. A slot for bills, a slot for invites, etc. Purge this file on a regular basis. Magazines can be placed in a basket. When one goes in send last months issue to the recycle bin. Any important documents should be filed away in a filing cabinet, accordion file or in folders. Immediately. Label each compartment for quick filing. Take a moment once every couple of months to shred anything that you may not need.Taking a systematic approach to mail is probably one of the most important tools you can utilize because it will allow you to stay on top of what's coming in and what's going out. Important documents will not be lost and counter tops and coffee tables will be free of paper pile-ups. To reduce your mail simply opt for paperless statements if possible. Receiving billing statements or even magazines electronically reduces clutter and helps the environment.

Closet and Clothing Clutter

Closets and bureau drawers are the most common place for items to be stored away and hidden. Before you know it your closet needs its own hiding place. Utilize every closet and bedroom drawer space in your home for a specific purpose and decide where to place each item. Removing all items and categorizing them is your first step. Create piles as you begin to sort. Donate anything that is causing the space to be cluttered. Utilizing bins within your closet to store specific items such as bags, belts and scarves will keep them from becoming disorganized. If space is an issue store seasonal items separately to relieve space. As with your mail having a system in place for your clothing can help to avoid the pile-ups. Clue in everyone in your household as to where the designated areas are. Check out this link for more information on how to best utilize closet space


If you are racing to remove your children's toys from the floor anytime guests are arriving minimize that mess by having a designated area for your child's toys. If it happens to be in your living room no worries. Investing in shelving with bins is a great way to design the area to look inviting. Implementing a plan however to put away the toys is the most efficient way to keep the clutter under control. Once the children are off to bed your living room should have regained its identity as a place where you can relax. Clutter free. A link to more ways to keep your child's play area organized 

Allowing yourself and others within your home to consistently make an effort to avoid the clutter trails will help to keep your home clutter free. Think simple, think inviting. Every time you walk into your home it will prove to be your favorite refuge. 


One of the best organizing tips I ever read was in "Totally Organized the Bonnie McCullough Way." She suggests that if you spend just 5 minutes per day in each room, putting things away and removing the items that don't belong in that room, your house will remain tidy - and it works!

So true! Better to take the time in short intervals to clean up than end up with hours of clean up!

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