Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bunnies, eggs and all things Easter! Are you ready for the first holiday of the spring season?

Easter marks the first holiday of the spring season and along with it, as most holidays, comes lots of planning and preparing! This year my husband and I happen to be hosting the holiday in our home. Of course being the planner that I am, and lover of decorating, it gave me the perfect excuse to come up with some very cute budget friendly decorating ideas! Below are some tips on getting your home ready for guests from the cleaning, cooking and straight to the dining table, as well Easter decorations. Holidays spent with family and friends are meant to be memorable so take a breath and don't forget to enjoy it! 

Getting Your Home Ready for Guests
  • It always helps to clean throughout the week so you aren't spending the morning of Easter Sunday scrubbing the toilets and sinks! 
  • Ask everyone in your home to help out by trying to tidy up daily and clean up after themselves.
Plan your Menu in Advance
  • To organize your menu planning touch base with all of your guests that may be bringing an entree, dessert or beverage. 
  • Make a list of everything you will need for your menu at least one week prior from food to paper goods.
  • Before heading out to the grocery store be sure to check to see what you may or may not already have in your cupboards and fridge. It's a time saver at the market! 
  • To be extra creative create an Easter dinner menu for your guests, preparing this in advance helps you with the preparations as well! 
Table Preparation
  • Set your table before the day of the event, possibly one or two evenings before. It's one last thing you have to do the day of! This also gives you time to set up extra seating. 
Create a time list
  • It's very easy to lose track of time when you are running in a few different directions. Create a time schedule for the day of which outlines what you hope to accomplish. This will help keep you on track and ready for your guests. 
Budget Friendly Easter Decorating Ideas

Use vases you already have in  your home and fill them up with  decorative Easter eggs. You can find bags of these  at most stores that sell goods for the home, and they are very budget friendly!

Very cute bunny place tags for your dining table! If you use real eggs to decorate your guests names just place them  in the bowls on top of your napkins!

These can be used as place settings on your dining table with your guests names or used as decorative pieces throughout the house!

Fresh flowers always look beautiful on your dining table during the Spring season but if you would like something to last throughout summer adding faux flowers to vases makes a beautiful statement as well.
Here's a link to bunny fold your napkins! A cute idea for your table setting, courtesy of Good House Keeping 

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