Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Small Closet Transformation for Less Than $30! Small Closet with a Skinny Budget? Read on!

For the past 5 months I decided to donate or toss one thing every week, beginning with my closet. I had visions of myself running out of items to part with and no idea how it was going to go. Turns out the simplicity of it all has been such a great tool for zoning in on what matters. Freeing yourself of items you have no use for completely changes a room, or an entire home. Visions I had for my closet space were now possible and the idea that all of my clothing and accessories are being used is a great feeling. I had a goal in mind and feel as though I was able to achieve it. My clothing and shoes now fits perfectly well inside my armoire. The best part of it? I love the space. We all owe it to ourselves to make our favorite spaces come to life. Here's what I did to create it once I got down to the basics.

I love a blank slate. Almost like an artist, working with a blank canvas, it helps stir creativity. After removing everything from my small closet I was able to see how I would want it to function. Clutter will clutter up your head, by freeing up the space it allows creativity to flow and gives you a different perspective on your possibilities for the space.

After heading to the stores and picking up some storage solutions I was able to stay under $30. This small closet transformation was going to be created on a skinny budget! Common misconception that organization is pricey. Not true! Re-purpose items and spend $0! Or be on the lookout for storage containers that are durable and inexpensive.

Starting on the top shelf I utilized the empty space above the wire shelving for flats and accessories. Those great labels you see are actually clip on dry erase labels. If at any time I'd like to switch the contents all I have to do is erase! The white shelves you see are shoe shelves, perfect for maximizing space!

Fishing through piles of t-shirts is not fun. Having them placed in bins by color is a quick and easy way to find what you need. I used the tri fold method by simply folding the shirt in three and placed it facing up so that the fabric and color is visible. Time saver when getting dressed, and I realized I do not need anymore white long sleeved shirts!

During my donating and tossing I also zoned in on my morning routine and habits. I noticed I always am applying make-up in my room, so it made perfect sense to move the make-up from the bathroom to the bedroom closet! Creating a space that will function within you and your family's routine is another time saver. With one side of the closet empty I utilized an old book shelf we had in the basement to create an accessory/make-up area. All it took was two cork boards, some push pins and some muscle to get the book shelf up the stairs :)

Getting my costume jewelry down to only what I love was a task, but completely worth it! I used soap dishes to hold the rings and bottles to stack up the bangles. Everything is visible, separated by type and once again a time saver when deciding on the finishing touches to an outfit. 

I love these hanging organizers I picked up at Home Goods that resemble the shape of a flower! I used them for hanging extra necks. They can be used for sunglasses, scarves and bags as well. 

My make-up is stored in small compartments by category. Brushes are together, and lip gloss and mascara. The eye shadow holders you see were once used for sprinkles to decorate cakes! Re-use, re-purpose! I made sure I left some space to add in a small stool so that I can apply make-up and accessorize within the space. 

A bookshelf has so many possibilities! From holding shoes and bins of clothing to accessories I decided to use the book shelf to store my clutches, bags, bangles and earrings. The bins I picked up (for $1 each!) have separated compartments. Worked out great for the jewelry! On a side note those also work wonders for socks and undergarments!

Regardless of the space you have to work with always start by getting down to the basics. From there getting creative with how you store your items and having fun with setting up the space is the best part. I am dedicated to maintaining my new closet space and  hope I have inspired all of you to take the journey toward living with less clutter and truly enjoying the space!

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I love this! I've always used bookshelves in closets, but never thought to reconfigure them. I'm going to get rid of the main rod that runs across it (like all old closets have)and put new ones on the sides so that I can make use of the dead space in the middle upper closet. Thanks!

Your welcome! Thats the key to maximizing the space! Getting creative and seeing where it takes you, good luck! I had a blast with this project and being able to see everything make it well worth it!

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