Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Organization Tips and Free Printables! Fun Ways Save Time and Stay Organized

Another summer is just about up and the summer to fall transition will soon be in full effect. Back to school shopping, new bedtime rules, homework before dinner and after school activities. Anytime there are schedule changes within households things can have a tendency to become a bit hectic before the new routine settles in. Having a plan in place and being as organized as you can is the key to allowing for an easy transition! I have some simple tips to get you and the family on board for a smooth back to school season, as well as some fun printables. Just remember it requires all hands on deck and some team work!

Talk about the new morning routine prior to when it starts. Establish the new bedtime rules about a week before school starts to make for an easier morning wake up call. Nobody wants to be rushing around the first day of school and sending the kiddos off in a frenzy! I love this free Super Sleepers printable below by Sissyprint! It's a great way to keep the bedtime routine fun by having the kids add stickers next to each task they've accomplished before bed.

The morning routine is just as important! Here's a fun printable from PopSugar Moms that will be sure to keep the morning going as smoothly as bedtime!
Weekly lunch and snack prep is a great way to keep yourself organized in the a.m.. Designate an area within your kitchen specifically for lunch and snacks, the food going in your child's lunch and the after school snack. Keeping the foods separated will help you prepare lunches quickly in the morning, big time saver! Create a snack drawer, or an area in the pantry, and an area in the fridge. Utilize bins and labels to make it fun!

Lunch bin for the fridge
Snack drawer
Deciding on a specific area and implementing a system for artwork, school papers and appointments is a great way to stay organized throughout the school season. Use wall space preferably in the kitchen to create a school zone station, similar to the below. Each folder is designated for art work, homework and activities. A chalkboard, dry erase board or calendar is located above the folders to jot down the upcoming week's activities. Short on wall space?  Utilize a bin for each child with hanging folders and attach a weekly or monthly calendar to the front!

This paper station was designed for each child to keep their school work and art organized with a chalkboard to jot down appointments 
Collapsible bin from Staples with hanging files to store school and artwork. 
Take 20 minutes on a Sunday evening and put together outfits for the week using clothing labels! These fun labels from Parenting with Professor Poppins  will keep you super organized throughout the week when getting the kiddos dressed and ready for their day.
Each day of the week is covered using these closet clothing labels 
Wishing all of you a fun and organized back to school season!


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