Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Secret to an Organized Home is That There Are No Secrets. It's in What You Make of it

My home is not always perfectly organized and cleaned. That would even freak me out. It's lived in and cozy. It has its bouts of orderly perfection and then in the blink of an eye can become a disaster that needs to be tamed. There is however a place for everything. Every magazine, all the toiletries. Even the paperclips and thumbtacks. They all have a home. I also can say there is nothing in our home that we do not find to be useful or beautiful. It's a quote I know, but one I take very seriously. When I enter a room there is nothing greeting me that I did not welcome. I've carefully chosen every detail to reflect all the things that we love. Give it a home and make sure that you love it. The other part of it is making sure all parties involved know just where to place things.

So on it goes. Clean and tidy and as the week goes on a bit messier. When I do take the time to clean I can say without hesitation it's easy and smooth sailing. There is no built up clutter from months of no maintenance and if things do seem to become a little too congested then I re-evaluate the space and decide on what's causing the clutter.

So the secret is there is no secret. It's all in how you decide to maintain it. So this week I challenge all of you to decide what may or may not be working for you in your home and decide to tackle it once and for all. There is never a need to rush or feel overwhelmed. Just take it one day at a time and eventually you will love your space, every bit of it.


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