Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Declare Yourself Unorganized for Life! 5 Habit Breakers to Get You Organized in 2014

I've written a few posts in the past that talk about New Years resolutions and how to stick to them, to really see them through. I've also posted topics on how to stay motivated and ways to curb procrastination. As a professional organizer I pride myself on really emphasizing to my clients the positive feeling they have once we are completed with a project. The weight that is lifted and the idea that clearing the space will clear your mind. It is an absolute motivational boost. It happens everytime. The motivation to keep that organization going throughout the year, and getting over the procrastinating, can at times be the only real piece that is standing in the way of you living your most organized self. The secret to becoming better organized is you. It is that simple.

So let's pull back the layers of it all and dive into breaking the habits that can lead us down the road to feeling let down by our surroundings, overwhelmed in our space and possibly even ready to throw in the towel and declare yourself unorganized for life. I've listed 5 habit breakers that will get you organized in the New Year as long as you are committed and ready for a positive change. You will find yourself with more time, more energy, more money and most important peace of mind.

1. Stop purchasing what you don't need. Plain and simple. The majority of us do not take inventory before we purchase anything from electronics to clothing. Impulse purchases are clogging up our closets, drawers and our lives. Before you shop take a moment to ask yourself if what you are looking to buy is needed and before you head to the register ask yourself the same question. By making a conscious effort to not bring into our homes items that we don't need we are instantly keeping down the clutter. Which in turn keeps things better organized and will save you money.

2. Adopt the one in one out rule. For everything from toys to books to clothing and magazines. One shows up after a trip to the store, one must go out. You can even create a donate bin for the one out items. You are adding and then subtracting so similar to rule #1 the clutter will be minimal with less inside your home. See the pattern? Less clutter equals more space, less to clean and more time.

3. Open mail immediately and create a plan for the paper clutter. The moment you walk in the door get into the practice of opening your mail and making decisions on what stays and what goes. Having a system for yourself in terms of how to organize incoming paper is one of the most effective ways to tackle the paper clutter. Toss the junk mail, place the bills in an envelope or bin and put away any important documents the moment you receive them. 23% of adults say they pay bills late because they can't find them. By simply setting up a mail system in your home you will be better organized and on top of important documents! Any coupons, invitations or greeting cards should also have a home, your kitchen counter doesn't count. If you notice too much junk mail coming in take a few moments to remove yourself from the lists here More tips here on steps to family organization.

4. Declare a home for everything. Everything we purchase, receive as gifts and showcase in our homes we should love and have a use for. No exceptions. So why aren't we treating the things we love like we love them? They are on the floor, hidden under clutter in our closets. Or sometimes overlooked by too much clutter on shelving. The best way to declare a home for everything is to take it step by step. Little by little as you are cleaning your house or just tidying up as you see items out of place give them a home! Using labeled bins is a great way to keep items together and to ensure they end up back in their home. Creating a place for everything is another top time saver on the list!

5. Slow down. Why do we insist on over extending ourselves only to end up exhausted and feeling defeated? That constant feeling that you have somewhere to be, something to do will leave you feeling cloudy without enough energy to take sometime for yourself, you will only want to crash. Make a real commitment to deciding that you will leave time in the week for yourself, to spend with family and most importantly time to recharge. Feeling refreshed will give you the energy to put towards unfinished projects in your home, exercise and the energy to organize!

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