Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring In the Air!

Spring has sprung, well sort of, which means life returns to the outdoors! Flowers start to bud, birds start singing and the fresh air fills your home. We can all agree it's been a long winter, and as we dive into what hopefully will be months of sunshine, what better way to celebrate the fresh air than to make a fresh start in cleaning and organizing your home! A little hint... it doesn't cost much, but the mental benefits are great! So read on, hopefully learn some tips and feel free to add comments!

Winter Clothing Storage

  • If you are short of closet and drawer space in your home take the time to store your heavier winter items in bins. I wouldn't recommend cardboard boxes. This is also a great time to get rid of what you didn't wear this winter. Don't be afraid to donate or re-sell items you haven't worn. 
  • Items being tucked away until next winter should also be clean. It's always best to not store away pieces that have any stains, they will only be harder to come out by the next winter season.  
  • As you move your spring items into your closet also take the time to decide what will work and what just isn't happening! Most re-sale shops take spring clothing items between February and April.
  •  Best place to store bins is in a closet, if you are storing them in a basement just be sure the bins are closed up tight, and that the space is a cool temp and dry.
  • Winter coats typically stay in the closet.  You can move them to the back to make room for spring jackets and rain coats so you're not searching through a sea of coats! 
  • For children's items like snow suits, hats and gloves if they are going to be kept for next winter the same rules apply. You can also designate a drawer specifically for winter items in your child's room.
Shoe Storage

  • Winter shoes take much more abuse than our flip flops and open toed heels, which means they are packed with dirt! Before storing them away clean them up and place them in bins. The same rule applies to shoes, if you didn't wear them this season chances are you won't in the next.
  • Snow boots can be stored in the basement or garage if they dont fit in bins.  
Always best to use clear bins or label them before storing away. This will make going through them next winter much easier! As you clean out your closets vacumn and remove any trapped dust that built up over the winter, one spring cleaning chore out of the way!

Spring/Summer Ready Basement or Garage  

  • Time to put the sled away and make room for the beach pales! Designate an area in your garage or basement to place your shovel, ice melt and other winter necessities.  You will want your springtime things such as gardening tools, lawn care items and car wash cleaners within reach. If you have shelfing its best to place these items together, or use crates and bins.
  • The same rule applies for children's outdoor toys, such as baseballs, soccer balls and even bubbles! 
  • Once you have designated spots for these items that can be their home, this avoids things getting lost and no tears!
Hope you enjoyed my tips and that I was able to help in getting your homes spring/summer ready! 


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