Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's All About the Kitchen!

What is that one room of your home, other than the living room, where lots of activity is going on? The kitchen! Other than cooking of course, it can serve as the designated spot for the kids to do their homework, arts and crafts and the area of the house where people tend to socialize. There is certainly nothing worse than being in a room that you spend most of your time in that is disorganized and not functioning well to support its major roles.  Here are a few tips to tackle organizing specific areas of your kitchen to be sure you can zip around quickly, whether you're cooking, eating or doing activities with the kids!

Junk Drawers
Every kitchen has them and they are usually all the same. Filled with random coupons, writing utensils, invitations to events that have come and get the drift. Best way to tackle the junk draw is to organize the junk that's in it, this way it still serves its purpose as the junk draw but there are no mysteries as to what’s inside! Best place to have the junk draw is opposite from the stove. If the little ones need to grab a crayon you certainly don't want them hovering over the stove. An idea of things to keep in your junk draw-
  • keep an envelope or small folder for coupons
  • a small stash of writing utensils
  • a note pad
  • scissors/glue stick 
  • take-out menus
  • batteries
  • your address or phone book
  • Flashlight (with batteries!)
  • A small container for loose change

By the Stove
When you're cooking you want to be within reach of your common cooking needs. Organize the below items closet to the stove-

·        cooking utensils
·        oven mitts
·        spices
·        pots and pans

Under the Sink

Try not to let under the sink become a replica of your junk draw! Always use bins or an under the sink kitchen organizer. Also the less cleaning supplies you have the better, so take inventory of what you use and what can be tossed. Items best stored under the sink are paper towels, which frees up counter space, cleaning supplies and sponges.

 Quick tips to keep your kitchen and yourself from being cluttered

  • Clean as you go when you are cooking, this will leave you with less of a mess when you're done with dinner.
  • Try not to let mail and other misc papers collect in the kitchen. The two minutes it takes to designate a spot for your mail will save you quite a bit of time after it has piled up! 
  • A dry erase board or magnetic calendar to put up on the fridge is an excellent way to keep track of appointments, your children's activities and other daily tasks on your to do list. Another tip- as you run out of items in the fridge jot in down on the board and by the end of the week it's an instant grocery list!
  • Arts and crafts at the table? Store place mats and newspapers in a designated drawer for your children so when it's time paint you will have what you need in reach!

    Space Challenges

    If space is limited get creative! Purchase canisters to store tea, cereal and pasta. This will free up space in your cupboards. If you have a pantry or closet near your kitchen keep dry goods stored in there as well as aluminum foil, saran wrap and garbage bags. Always best practice to keep it simple, if you don’t use it wish it well and toss it!

    Kitchen organizing project pics

    Before disorganized spice cupboard

    After, organized- with most used items on the bottom

    How do you find anything in here? Messy lazy susan!


    After! Baking needs and Tupperware in cupboard space and pots and pans stored in lazy susan (above).

    Under the sink disaster!

    After, only the necessities!

                   Cooking needs by the stove    


    Like what you see but are saying to yourself who has time for that? That's where I come in! Feel free to contact me below to make an appointment to get de-cluttered and organized!  I will work with you to create that perfect space in your home, whatever your challenges may be. You can also follow me on twitter for everyday organizing tips and ideas, or email me via my Facebook group Organized For Life! @


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