Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finding Your Balance and Why Rainy Days Never Get Me Down

Busy- “engaged in some business; hard at work either habitually or only for the time being”.  Let’s go with the habitually busy, because it seems that’s the most realistic way to look at our lives. The common phrase I seem to hear every day is, “there just aren’t enough hours in the day.”  It seems the outdoor/indoor activities and commitments are endless, on top of balancing all of our other daily to dos. If you are looking at your calendar and asking yourself when you’re going to have time to fit in sleeping I’d say you need a moment to breathe. Being busy is great but you want to actually enjoy those busy moments, not feel rushed and stressed. If you have a second read these little tips on taking the steps to manage your time, and enjoy the moment. 

  • Don’t spread yourself too thin. There are only so many hours in the day, be realistic when it comes to your commitments. If you can’t fit it in then it’s okay to say no or re-schedule. Remember you are only one person.
  • Routine is important, especially when you have little ones. Stick to your routine but don’t be afraid to steer away from it. A couple of nights during the week plan a game or movie night after dinner. This will break the week up and get your mind off all the to dos!
  • "Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted". John Lennon was on to something with this one. If you decide to spend an entire day planting flowers, reading a book, cleaning the basement or watching a Seinfeld marathon you deserve it. The mental stress we put on ourselves daily can be eliminated by taking the time to enjoy the moment. More importantly the time was put aside for ourselves can clear our heads and give us the energy we need to get through the week.
  • “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once".  If you feel like everything is happening at once however... slow down! Take a moment to relax and realize you will get everything done, just not all in the same hour.
  • Your free time is probably so important to you because it can be rare. Be honest about the things in your life that you spend your extra time doing. Other than the everyday important commitments, like making a living, dive into your free time and see if it’s well spent doing the things you enjoy. If you really dread going to the gym everyday after work look into other ways to get exercise. Taking a minute to re-assess how we spend our time is so important to time management and our well being.
Rain in the forecast to me is a good thing. Just like snow storms in the winter can be mother nature's way of saying stay in and relax, rainy days to me are an invitation to do the same. After all nature never hurries, but always seems to achieve her work. 


When I tell someone I'm busy, I find myself distinguishing between "good busy" (where I have enough to do that I'm not bored or worrying about income) and "crazy busy" where I have more than enough to do and am worried that something might get overlooked. Right now I'm "good busy" and exploring ways to keep from getting "crazy busy" again in the future.

There are times right now that I feel "crazy busy" wedding is in 6 weeks,my job as an acct exec can get hectic and I'm volunteering my organizing services in effort to grow my business. I just keep my planner at hand, make my lists and every Sunday I always make sure I have the day to myself to relax, unwind and breathe!

Love Lennon's quote! And, love those snow days when life is interrupted and we can do nothing! Happy Wedding Day!

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