Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Basement Got You Down in The Dumps?

I'm all about an inviting home. A place that your friends and family can walk into feeling comfortable and relaxed, as if they could stay the week. This goes beyond being tidy and organized. It also incorporates creating a space that's bright, peaceful and characteristic of your life and the things that make you happy. The one place in the home that seems to be the most challenging to keep warm and inviting is the basement. For those of us who have an unfinished basement, aka "the dungeon", it can turn into what I like to call the three D's...dark, dreary and a dump! The dump part is clearly because it becomes the best dumping ground for storage. Holiday decorations, memorabilia, camping equipment, toys and maybe even some unidentified items. Regardless of the mess it's still a part of your home, so taking the time to get it organized and cleaned up is the best way to feeling better about walking into your basement. A few tips and before afters of a basement that just needed some special attention to get it organized and clutter free! Remember at some point what you hide away in your basement you will need to find again!

Taking Inventory
  • My favorite part of organizing is ridding others of the things that they don't need! When tackling the basement create a throw away pile, donate pile or even a yard sale pile. Once the items are gone you would be amazed how much space you have opened up.  
Create Categories
  •  As you begin to sort through everything create categories for them. Sporting goods, holiday decorations, etc. By placing like items together it's easier to keep your basement from becoming unorganized in the future. 
Storage Ideas
  • Bins, crates, shelving and labels! Metal shelving is ideal in a basement in order to keep items elevated. It is a great inexpensive solution to keeping your things off the floor and they are a space saver. If you don't have metal shelving sturdy tables are another alternative. Labeling bins and crates is a must! By indicating what's inside each bin you are instantly saving time to look for things. 
Clean it Up!
  • Don't forget to dust, vacumn and sweep your basement on a regular basis, especially if your washer and dryer is located there. Not only do basements become very damp and dusty but they can have hidden dangers of mildew and mold. Take the time to wash concrete floors, vacumn carpeting and dust behind any appliances. 
~Before and Afters~

    This shelving unit held everything from board games to plant food!

    Disaster area!
    Summer items, holiday and not sure what else!

    After! Shelving unit now houses games and toys only, with top bins labeled.
    Beach gear together, ready to grab and go! 

    Floor space opened up, no caution tape needed!
    Holiday table
    Labeled bins for decorations
    If bins are located on the floor be sure they are items that can withstand damp areas
    Table now used for Fall decorations. Garbage bags are great to cover decorations to keep them from collecting dust.
    Paint supplies together 

    Let me know if you have any basement organizing challenges of your own, I'd love to hear your feedback!  Follow me on Twitter, or like this page on Facebook. If you are interested in a free consultation with help organizing a specific space in your home, contact me I'd love to help get you Organized For Life!



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