Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day Promotion and Contest!

Mother's are continually giving without the thought of receiving and Organized for Life wants to help them put their feet up for the day! We shower our moms every Mother's Day with gifts, brunch or maybe even breakfast in bed. There are no wrong ways to allow the Moms in your life the opportunity to relax and feel appreciated for all they do. One of things however that you can't buy Mom on Mother's Day is extra time in the day for all of the things she gets done! That is where Organized for Life comes in. This year consider the gift of organization, which will allow for peace of mind and help save time when Mom is juggling everyday activities. Organized for Life is offering to organize a closet of choice for $50 and /or one room for $75. It doesn't matter the challenge or time put into the job! This also includes no consultation fee! If you know a mom who could use some organizational help feel free to contact me to go over the details!


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