Monday, May 7, 2012

Beer Bottles for Bangles You Say? Fun Closet Projects!

This was such a fun project I put together for my jewelry! My favorite organizing venture within my home so far. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that it involved jewelry ;) With my little helper Jenna (moms take note this was a fun arts and crafts project!) it came together.

 Having your costume jewelry in sight, and in reach, is a great way to see what you have and choose what you need as you are putting together your outfits. Simple, fun and very budget friendly- I'll walk you through the items I used and then the finished product!

Here's the list-
$1 QC Contact Paper from the Dollar Tree! They had lots to choose from
Push Pins, $1 at the Dollar Tree!
Empty beer or soda bottles 

A cork board of your choice

Cut the contact paper so that it fits over the cork board. I traced the edges and then cut from there for a better fit. 

 Take the push pins and jewelry and get started placing them on the board. Grab the empty bottles and place bangles over the stem to stack them up! Viola! You have yourself a jewelry board and a beer bottle (or soda) bangle tree.

Bangles, necks and larger bracelets
Added the contact paper around the stem just for fun

Beer bottle with bangles! 

By choosing whichever size cork board you like you have the freedom to create any size jewelry board you want. I chose some of my favorite bangles and necklaces that I wear everyday, again having them within reach allows for less time looking for things when you are heading out the door! 


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