Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Quick Steps to Maintaining a Clean Kid's Room!

I'm sure it's every mother's dream to find that the toys are always neatly stacked away. That the adorable little t-shirts and dresses are never crinkled up on the floor and placed correctly in the closet. That every sock has found it's mate. What makes our children so special and amazing however is there vivid imaginations that will take them on fantastic journeys in their rooms. A little girl's love for playing dress up and making sure her dolls look just as fabulous as she does! Then there are the oh so many toys that come with very teeny, tiny pieces. The result of this magical world that children live in can create, well a mess. So where to begin? In my recent projects organizing children's rooms I thought my top 5 tools for creating and maintaining organization might help you get started!

Utilize draw separators and bins! Items will stay divided and organized, and for an added bonus place stickers on each divider of which items are to be placed there. A picture of a shirt, hat or socks will help them to learn some great organizational skills. 

By simply using hanging labels and a shower ring you can create zones within your child's closet to designate clothing areas. Having the items sized within their category is a great way to keep track of which items your child may have grown out of.

Double hang for extra closet space! 

An over the door hanging shoe rack is the perfect way to keep shoes together and you can create bins for hats, mittens and scarves. 

Keep books in a basket or bin easily within your child's reach, this way they can choose which ones they'd like to look at and when placing back in the bin there's no mess! 

Quick, easy solutions to help bring function and organization in your child's bedroom!


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