Friday, July 6, 2012

Creative Spaces Designed for You

We all need a space where we can relax, curl up with a book and feel completely at ease in our environment. Whether that space be in your living room, bedroom or even on the front porch consider the possibilities of creating an area just for you. By incorporating your favorite colors, quotes or even just a beautiful plant this can help to project positive energy. Always keep in mind that clutter in any room will drain your energy, and hinder your best intentions. By taking the time each day to be sure the favorite areas of your home are free from clutter, and incorporated with some of your favorite elements, you will feel recharged and enthusiastic. I'm inviting all of you into my home office where I can read, blog and feel creative. Here are the key elements I worked into the space to keep productivity, good energy and creativity flowing. 

                         Some of my favorite quotes displayed throughout the room

Always thinking budget friendly I used an older kitchen table we had in the basement as my desk space. Considering there are no drawers I added the storage cubes on the desk so that items such as pens and sticky notes were located close by. A chair would be a bit too crowded in the space so I placed the black storage units under the desk. These function as storage, a seat and a foot rest! My printer and paper is seated right beside me. I placed the desk farthest from the the door with most of the room visible, a powerful element in Feng Shui design.The desk is clutter free with cords hidden. The bright yellow decorative plant adds some softness to the desk area, and the natural light from the window helps me feel recharged.

I love to look through magazines for inspiration and ideas. I keep each one for three months tops before it hits the recycle bin. Any articles I find that I'd like to keep I place in a folder. These are located right next to my magazines placed in fun and colorful patterns. I love to keep books for as long as I can however I believe there is nothing better than passing on a few good books. While putting together the book shelf I was able to donate some to the local library, and my personal favorites remain on display.

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