Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Ready in 5 Steps

Those lazy days of summer are slowly beginning to end. If you reside in New England fall will slowly creep in with its chilly mornings, early sunsets and beautifully colored leaves. Just as everything outside begins to adapt to the season change our homes will as well . Shorts are replaced with jeans, flip flops with sneakers and backpacks filled with sunscreen and towels are replaced with books and pencils.

Whether you are inviting in a new season or not being back to school ready is important. I created a quick checklist to be sure your home and your children can transition into the schedule change with ease.

Closet Check- What can stay and what can go? Weed through your child's closet just as you would your own. Create a keep pile, donate pile and toss pile. Once you have a clear picture of what is needed make a list before heading out to the stores.

Backpack- Some schools may have a list of supplies they suggest your child have before heading back to school. Check the school's website for information. Keep the supplies in their backpack once they are purchased so that when they are off to school nothing was missed.  

Routine- Bedtimes will most likely change, as will the rise and shine times. Early to bed and early to rise one week prior to adjust into the new time change is important. It is also important to go over your child's before and after school routine. Whether you carpool or they take the bus go through their daily commute to be sure they understand. If it is something that will change week to week create a schedule that is displayed on your fridge to ensure they have a reference point.

Homework Station- Create a designated homework area preferably in a place where they can concentrate and is the least distracting. For great tips and tools on how to create this space click here

Get to Know Your Child's School - Whether your child is entering into a new school or the same one having a clear understanding of the operational aspects is important. Their after school activities available, they way they will handle communication in case of an emergency and getting to know the staff is important.

Here's to another great year for all of your children and happy organizing!

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