Monday, September 17, 2012

Avoid the Cluttered Closet Trap

I have listed below some must have organizing tips that I implement into my own closet to save space and keep things from becoming cluttered. If you are feeling as though you are digging through clothing and heeps of shoes and accessories I recommend following these simple steps to avoid the cluttered closet trap. Always remove everything to begin with a clean slate then take the time to purge and donate. Once you feel good about what is left here's some ideas to keep things flowing and uncluttered! Don't forget, for more organizing tips follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Do use felt space saving hangers for denim, pants and tops! They will hang well and clothing will keep its shape. Try to have uniform hangers in your closet for a clean look. 

Use separators for undergarments and socks. This will avoid the pile up in your drawers and also a great indicator as to when it's time for laundry!

Do use bins for t-shirts and always fold sweaters, utilizing shelving for folding!Arrange by color and sleeve length.

Allow your jewelry to be visible! Stack bangles using bottles or even paper towel holders. Hang necklaces using push pins on cork, simple and easy to do!

Utilize trays for bracelets as well and containers for rings, like with like!

 Keep like style shoes together. Peep toe, close toe, sneakers, etc. Use adjustable metal rod shoe holders to fit more and keep them off the floor!

Do store shoes one facing front, one facing back. This helps hold more shoes across your shoe rack and will allow you to see the heel height!

Like styles together, shoes facing front and back, uniform hangers, clothes organized by color and an amazing dress nook to pull it all together. This closet has it all! 


I love the jewelry idea of using bottles! Also I love closet organization in general (have you seen Clean House?). The Container Store is a sweet sweet place.

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