Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creating Entryway Bliss ~ Begin at the Door.

Consider your entryway as setting the tone for how you want to feel when you step inside your home.  Whether you're leaving for the day or walking into the house after a long day, embrace your entryway. Make it "entrancing" regardless of the size, allowing you to pause and reflect on the day you are beginning or ending. Bring into that space organization, function, simplicity and most important incorporate objects you love. Here are some ways to get started with examples from my own entryway.

When you walk into my home you are immediately faced with our coat closet, within a small entryway. This beautiful wooden plaque above the closet was given to us by friends when my husband and I returned from our honeymoon. I couldn't think of a better place to display it. Think in terms of objects that are inspiring and uplifting when deciding which pieces will function well in the entrance. Consider quotes you love or messages that will inspire you throughout your day. As you enter our living room just around the corner, which is to be considered the more personal space, I have a collage of my favorite photos. Note the importance of simplicity and clearing away clutter within your entryway.

Making this small entryway functional and clutter free was as simple as getting it down to only the necessities. The leather storage ottoman below the lamp holds my husband's shoes, and doubles as a seat. Inside our closet I added the storage bins and labeled them his and hers. During the winter months hats and gloves are stored away in the bins. If you have a large family creating a bin for each family member is a great way to keep items from becoming lost, or consider an over the door organizer to personalize. If you have limited space it's always best to change out the closet through the seasons which will help curb clutter.

Hanging your keys from a key holder is one of the best ways to avoid losing them and will save you time when running out the door. This can be placed near the entrance or within an entryway closet.

An entryway that is cluttered and blocked will cause psychological blocking. Start with your entrance to unblock yourself mentally and begin your day feeling refreshed and ready. Allow yourself and others to feel good when walking into your home and allow that energy to flow throughout the whole house.

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