Saturday, February 9, 2013

Creative Storage and Adding Tranquility to your Bathroom

My latest storage solution for my bathroom is complete! Lacking a linen closet and limited draw space prompted me to get a bit creative. By utilizing a dresser to store towels and toiletries I was able to solve this storage dilemma, as well as add some character and calm to the space. My bathroom is a bit narrow so having the dresser positioned across from the sink, to avoid crowding up floor space, was the best place for it. I am loving the function it brought to the bathroom as well as the fresh new look! The details, from my decor choices to the organizing ideas, are below!

I have a subtle beach themed bathroom and filled up a glass vase with some seashells and baby blue colored marbles for added decor. The yellow and white faux flowers in the vase brightened up the space as well. Adding candles for a soothing scent and calming effect is a must in a bathroom! 

I love these wicker storage baskets from Pier One! Hand towels are now easily accessible on top of the dresser. Just a little hint, rolling hand towels as a folding option is a great way to optimize space, add some visual impact and avoids a stack pile-up!

The top drawer is home to some of my everyday essentials from lotion and hair products to my jewelry cleaner and make-up remover. The individual plastic draw organizers with handles, as well the basket, separate the essentials. Draw organizers are an easy solution for separating like items in a bathroom to find items easily and will save you time! 

My towels are stored in the lower drawers. By using the tri-fold method I am able to store 6 towels to a draw! For instructions on the best method to folding your towels check out this link!

 Always be mindful of the fact that the bathroom is one of the best spaces in your home to invite organization as well as tranquility. Hoping this idea has inspired you to incorporate these simple solutions into your bathroom and throughout your home!
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What a fantastic idea to put a dresser in there for storage..and it looks great too! Thanks for the tips :)

Thanks Rox! I love the storage options it gave me as well as the look, so glad you enjoyed the post! Visit here again soon :)

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