Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bathroom Organizing Tips and Tricks

From medication to make-up, from towels and kids toys to every free sample we received at a cosmetic counter the bathroom is the place where it all will get stored. So what's my secret to keeping our bathroom organized, de-cluttered and a stress free zone? While you're reading this you may say to yourself, I have alot more to store in my bathroom than she does. Fair enough. However wouldn't it be great if you were able to get your bathroom down to the basics? To walk in, feel at ease and find what you need. It's possible if you follow these simple bathroom rules.

1. Toss the expired. Medication has the expiration date loud and clear on the box. Take a few minutes every couple of months to go through medications and throw out the oldies. Make-up and lotions also expire. Here are the rules of the game for beauty products-

  • Mascara and any liquid eye make-up keep for four to six months. Eye shadow is good for about 2 years. 
  • Lotions and any foundations keep for 6 months to a year. 
  • Powder based products have a long shelf life and you can keep those for 2-3 years. 
  • Lipstick,lip gloss and lip pencils keep for 2-3 years as well. 
Here's a little trick for knowing how long you have had the products. The minute you purchase it right the date on the bottom. Keeping track of how long you have had the products is the key to keeping the beauty rotation in your bathroom going. When you toss it ask yourself how much you used it, if the answer is never don't bother replacing it.

Date your beauty products
2. Only keep in your bathroom the items that are part of your family's everyday hygienic and beauty routine. Of course if you have kiddos the bath time toys can be stored in there as well. This is the part that entails lots of purging and decluttering if you feel you have cramped drawer space or an overstuffed bathroom cabinet. Get down to the basics of what you need. Zone in on your daily routine and what you are using for a night out. Once you have the essentials organize by type and utilize storage containers as well as labels. Avoid cluttering up your counters and group the bathroom items by family member and particular usage. Designate drawers for each group. 
Clear the counter tops and store by type and by usage in drawers and cabinets. 
Nail polish and pedicure essentials together using clear draw separators. 
Medication, vitamins and first aide labeled by bin
A draw just for him with shaving essentials, deodorant and cologne. 
Don't let under your sink become a haven for a cluttered mess. Utilize storage units and bins. Sometimes getting a little creative goes a long way. 
This metal rack used to hold saran wrap and foil in the kitchen. I converted it into a holder for the curling iron and hair straightener. Storing items upright helps to save space under the sink as well. 
The pipe under the sink is sometimes an awkward spot when you have alot to store.  I place the hair dryer on the pipe , after it cools down of course, and it is a great space saver.
Hair brushes and products are stored in a bin using a two tiered rack. Underneath the rack is the perfect spot for extra toilet paper as well as a magic eraser for everyday clean ups. Keep cleaning products to a minimum in your bathroom by only storing the items you need for quick clean ups. 
I love this clear three draw storage unit for make-up. Each draw is labeled by type, lips. eyes and face.
Beauty products from lotions to make-up and hair accessories are all together in this draw.  Draw separators are the best way to keep like items stored together. 
3. If you lack storage space in your bathroom think outside the box in terms of utilizing and maximizing the space the best you can. Tall free standing storage is a great option to keep extra towels and toiletries if you lack the draw and cabinet space. Install racks under the sink in the cabinets for towels as well. Floating shelving can also be installed on the walls above the toilet and elsewhere in the bathroom. Utilize storage baskets to add some character. 

Always remember it's not about the lack of space but rather how well you are maximizing and accommodating the space. We don't always have enough room because we are holding onto too many things. Declutter, get it down to the basics and love your bathroom! 


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