Monday, March 18, 2013

Junk Draw and Tangled Cord Fixes on the Cheap

There is nothing worse in your home than an out of control junk draw along with a mess of tangled cords! If you didn't need those pesky random items from time to time I'd say just trash them. There are items however hiding within that junk draw that we do use, and those cords belong to electronics we utilize daily. When it's time to find them you may find yourself giving up and heading to the store to purchase another one of whatever it was you needed. Sound familiar? Here's some tools to get your junk draw and cords on track to becoming functional and organized!

Start by clearing it all out! Empty and purge your junk draw. Sort like items together and get rid of those items you do not need. Be conscious of how much room you have in the draw in relation to what you are storing in it. Use individual bins and compartments to separate and hold items. Don't forget the labels! They are your constant reminders to place items back in the correct space.
                                                          Before                                                   After

This junk draw got a complete overhaul! Dollar store bins (4 for a $1), labels and a good purging of items helped to maintain order. 

So what are the typical junk draw items? This will vary depending on the home. Some basics to store in this draw are batteries, thumbtacks, post-its, pens and pencils, glue sticks, tape, coupons and gift cards. 

Re-use boxes from your pantry to store items and label away!

Contain your tangled cords by separating them within containers that have individualized compartments. These are pencil holders turned cord holders from Target from $3 a piece! Do your best to keep cords off of counters and place in a draw. 

Go through your junk draw at least once a month to be sure you are using all of its contents. Save time and money by easily locating those items that you need!


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