Monday, November 12, 2012

Fridge Organization 101

The door is closed at all times however when you open it are you cringing as you look for the leftovers, that last container of pudding or where the butter went? If you feel as though you may fall into the messy refrigerator trap from time to time no need to worry. Here's what you can do now to tackle it and keep your food from wasting!

Block out some time within your week to clean out the fridge, and make it a routine. Remove trays and clean out the fridge using very mild soap and water. This is the perfect time to be checking the expiration dates. Do this frequently and you will avoid food spoiling. Always remember the "when it doubt throw it out" rule. Also if there are any spills you will be able to maintain cleaning them up rather than have anything be sitting for days.

Do not over pack the fridge. To keep food properly chilled you want the air in the fridge to circulate. Keeping the temperature below 0 in the freezer and below 40 degrees in the fridge is the rule of thumb. Be sure all of your Tupperware holding left overs is air tight and leak proof as well.

Now comes the fun part! Organize your fridge in sections based on food type. Like with likes! Leftovers, drinks and the ready to eat foods should be stored on the upper shelves. Any thawing poultry and meats are best kept towards the bottom. Utilize the side shelving for condiments. Use the draws exclusively for veggies or fruit.

Create a bin for snacks which includes yogurts, pudding or fruit cups. Keep this stored towards the top of the fridge. Having these together in a bin keeps them from getting lost in the fridge and also makes it easier when making lunches!

Snack bin, drinks stored together, cheeses in a separate compartment and all the fixings for an ice cream sundae stored together of course!

Condiments are together on shelving. Same rule of thumb for your freezer as in the fridge! Keep like items together. If you remove your meats from the packages for later always use labels and moisture vapor resistant material. If the butcher can pack up the meat for you, even better!

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