Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gift Wrap Organizing Made Easy!

At some point I completely fell off the organization train in terms of my holiday gift wrapping. While I do keep everything in one bin it was anything but organized, I will spare you the before photos! Organizing the bows, wrapping paper, gift labels and ribbons does not need to add to the stress of the holidays. One look at my pile of ribbons, bows, gift labels and paper made me cringe, so I took action! Creating a system to keeping gift wrap organized whether for the holidays or throughout the year is a great way to be able to keep inventory on what you have!

After I put everything into like piles these are the items I picked up at the Dollar Store for my project, along with labels.

Stackable bins, containers and a 3 pack of small bins. These can be purchased anywhere that sells storage containers!

I used the stackable bins for the bows and organized by color. Silver and blues on the top and the holiday colors on the bottom. 

I placed organza gift bags and the smaller cut pieces of the wrapping paper in the bins as well.

Utilizing the holes in the bins for the ribbon I placed the ribbon through them which will help when gift wrapping! An empty ribbon role was a perfect solution to keeping larger ribbon in place!

 A hanger was the perfect solution to holding the all of the gift paper! Keep the holiday and gift paper you may use throughout the year separated on a pant hanger. Store it in any storage closet in your home, or if your gift supplies are in the basement hang it from a post.

Gift tags and stickers were lost in the shuffle among all of the larger gift wrapping supplies. Having them separated and stored in bins will keep them from getting buried in a sea of gift wrapping supplies! 


Using this wine rack I stashed the wrapping paper through the inserts where the wine would normally go. Perfect way to store the paper because it will keep it from unraveling and you can see what you have!

Gift bags easily can hang from the front of the wine rack

Store horizontal or vertical

Now where to store it all?

This easily fit back into my storage bin and the wrapping paper was stored in the closet!

You certainly may have more gift wrapping supplies than pictured but by following the same storage tips they can be organized very quickly and easily for a hassle free gift wrap! 

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