Sunday, February 10, 2013

Measuring Success with Sincerity

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it." ~ Maya Angelou

Success is derived from the meaning "accomplishment of desired end." So what is that desired end and how is it measured? Maybe the idea that once you get that promotion you will have more money, acquire more material things and in turn be seen as successful. Or once you land that client you will have truly achieved success, can afford to take greater risks and buy that larger home. These examples seem superficial however they are ideals and thoughts that from time to time we place on ourselves in an effort to measure our accomplishments on a grander scale. They support the idea that success is measured in terms of the material things we can collect once we achieve success. The accumulation of possessions and material wealth. So what if we put aside for a moment that the idea of achieving success doesnt lie in the ability to have an abundance of things but rather the abundance of moments? That being successful is going after what you truly enjoy in life. Abundance thrives in those that are living in their truth, and being honest about what they love. Success is then measured by what we have accomplished in terms of the sincerity in our means to achieve it.  

Quality over Quantity
The quality of our relationships and the measure and quality of our character. Shifting your intentions of desired success over to the ideals that are consistent with acquiring healthy relationships or giving back to the community. Realizing that material things do not define you, they can come and go but your character and intentions remains. True success then becomes measured in the moments that define you and your gifts you've decided to show the world. 

I believe we all desire success, it is inherent in human nature. I also believe we all have the desire to do what we love. To show the world we have a gift. Having the determination, courage and drive to share your gift with the world will measure how successful you are. Decide to let go of false beliefs that the materialistic things you have acquired is measuring your success. Once you realize that the foundation and intentions to which you built your success are most important you will truly have achieved it.


For me, success is tied to income, but not in the sense that I'll consider myself successful when I can afford to buy certain things or take certain trips, but rather, when I am making enough that I can turn down work that doesn't excite me. Loving what I do is more important to me than money!

Loving what I do is also so important to me Janet! I can only hope someday I can move away from my full time job that does not fulfill me or inspire me as I build up my business! Thank you for posting :)

"Abundance of moments" - There's a phrase from your blog I'll want to remember. Very nice. ~ Sue West

Love your "abundance of moments" too and tonight took time to create some moments with the family playing games on the living room floor. Success! And, it feels good!

thank you! Yes an abundance of moments is what its all about :)

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