Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway Announcement and Ways to Enter!

It's time for a giveaway! First here's a little info into my first giveaway prize. In my recent Monday Morning Organization Inspiration video, if you missed it you can watch it below, I talked about ditching those to do lists and replacing them with some good positive intentions to start your day. Sticking to a regimented schedule can sometimes cause more stress, as we are trying so hard to stick to our daily to do lists. By simply stating your intention for the day you are opening it up to what you plan on accomplishing as well as going with the flow as your day begins to unfold. Make it positive, share it and acknowledge it. The power of intention is realistic and helps us point ourselves in the right direction as our daily lives can sometimes become chaotic. 

I'm giving away this bright colored clip board with a note pad and pen to write down your daily intentions, or you can always use it for your grocery list! Once the pages are gone you will have the clipboard to hold notes, appointments or menu plans. The spring colors are my favorite part of this giveaway item!
Also included in the giveaway is a 4 tier clip hanger for skirts, pants, even socks or tights! A must for a tidy closet. Make some space in your closet, help to organize it and prevent items from slipping! 

Here's how to enter ~

Share this blog post giveaway with friends on your Facebook page and leave a comment right here on my blog, or on the Organized for Life FB page letting me know you shared it! The winner will be chosen at random on Monday March 4th in the a.m. Good luck! 


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